What Men Really Want in a Woman Relationship?

by Tony Tran

Whenever a man enters into a relationship with you, there are many expectations that he wants you to fulfill. In most cases if you live up to his expectations, there are high chances that your relationship will stand the test of time. It is important therefore for you to tailor yourself towards meeting your partner’s expectations in a relationship.

One of the things that men want in a woman relationship is faithfulness. There is no man on the face of the earth that will stand his woman cheating on him. It is important therefore for you to be faithful whenever you are in a relationship. Remember that hanging around with other men other than your own will make your man angry with you. In fact most relationships brake because of infidelity of either partner. What men want therefore is complete loyalty by their women to them.

What men want in a woman extends to support. As you know men are egoistic creatures. They have many dreams that they want to accomplish in life some of which may seem impossible. Men though want to be supported even in the most difficult situations. Supporting your man will give them strength to move on considering that most of them have stressed life because of many activities. It is important therefore to encourage your man to get back up whenever he has fallen down or where things are even hotter.

In addition what men want in a woman also extends to trust. There is no relationship that can stand without trust. Trust is the foundation of sustenance of a relationship. There are many situations that you will most probably face together with your man some of which may be very compromising. For instance it is possible for your man to go out alone without your company on some occasions. It is important for you to trust your man even during the most compromising situations. Remember that when you trust your man it is easier for him to undergo the most difficult situations and still not mess up.

As much as your man needs company, it is good for you not to be on his shoulders at all the time. Relationship involves both of you but each one still needs some space. You therefore need to give your man space to breathe but at the same time be available for him. If you will always be on his shoulders every moment, your man may take you to be a luggage that he needs to get rid of. What men real want in a woman is availability whenever he needs her but at the same time space to spend time with friends and personal matters.

In most cases people would like to yell at their men whenever things are wrong. Whereas this can be a show of frustration, it may not solve the problem either. In fact this can lead to exaggerated problem which may not have a solution. What men want in a relationship is wise approach to problems and challenges. Everyone makes mistakes and you must be willing to deal with them wisely. Therefore you must choose your words wisely when you are talking to your man during challenging times. Furthermore good character is depicted during hard times and you must show your man that you are worthy of his love.

You also need to respect your man in a relationship. Historically men have been given the leadership role in the society and they must feel that they are respected in order to execute their roles well. There are many components of respect that you must practice always. For instance you must learn to treat your man well, submit to him and respect his decisions.

There are many other components of what men want in a woman relationship such as good character, honesty, hard work and a loving woman. It is important therefore to try to align yourself towards these components for the enhanced relationship.
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