Unique Theme Weddings – The Simple Way

Kathy Barto – Crackerbarrel Corner’s eBook Reviewer
Indulge yourself! Let your wedding be as unique as you are!

According to Bride Magazine (Sept 2001), “Theme Weddings are one of the hottest trends in the wedding industry”. The main reason that people are so infatuated with theme weddings is the strong desire to be different, be highly memorable, and to create a completely unique wedding experience.

Unique Theme Weddings has found a way to simplify the planning process while using your personalities to determine the perfect theme for your wedding day.

Thanks to this surge in custom tailored weddings, couples can choose from hundreds of ideas, tips and techniques… easily and quickly. Time is critical when planning a wedding. With hundreds of things to do and thousands of options to choose from – some quick decisions need to be made.

According to Theme Wedding Planner Kari White, “we commonly see brides absolutely overwhelmed with everything they have to do, stressed about the money involved and this is all at a time that is supposed to be fun, exciting and romantic.”

Kari has compiled a system that evaluates your personalities as a couple and shows how that can be used to create the perfect wedding ambiance. The guide that details this system, Unique Theme Weddings… The Simple Way has been recently released and is receiving rave reviews from happy newlyweds worldwide.

In clear language, the guide details the major decisions and actions that couples must make including:

Using your personalities to create the perfect wedding theme

Complete checklists to ensure everything is covered (and nothing is missed)

Simple steps to create your own invitations like the pros… at less than half the price.

Creative ways to cut huge expenses from your wedding… even a few ideas to have your wedding and reception for free.

By following simple instructions, couples learn how to plan their theme wedding in minimal time and cost. A complete digital guide is provided with checklists, tips, ideas, suggestions along with 14 complete wedding theme templates to use as is or modify. Unique Theme Weddings… The Simple Way.


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