Using chalks for your cards making or scrap booking ideas

By: Vicki Churchill

Using chalks for your cards making or scrap booking ideas is a fantastic way of adding extra color to your pages. Chalks can also be used to create shadows or to shade in the edges of torn or ripped paper.
Applying chalks to any project can be done in a variety of ways. There really is not any need to spend a large amount of money on specialized application sponges. You can simply use eye make up applicators, cotton buds, cotton wool all of which do the job just as well with a variety of looks, not to mention being a whole lot cheaper.

Using chalks can transform a piece of paper together with being relatively inexpensive and the results are always unique.

Before you begin to add chalk to any card making idea you have or to a piece of paper it is advisable to have a scrap piece of paper to hand so that you can experiment and work out which colors work well together. Depending on how dramatic you want the effect to be will be determined by how vigorously you brush the chalk on.

If you have begun to add the chalks to one of your card making ideas and have made a mistake, all is not lost, using an artists eraser will safely and effectively remove the chalk from the paper. This type of eraser is also handy for removing any stray chalk dust.

Once you have finished applying the chalk and are happy with the overall design you will need to use a fixative to stop the chalk from smearing. As tempting as it may be never use hairspray to set the chalk, it is particularly important if you are using the chalks for scrap booking because hairspray is not photo friendly and can react badly causing your photos to deteriorate.

Chalks are really great to use with rubber stamps. Using a Versmark inkpad to stamp the image you can then begin to apply the different chalk colors (remember to start with the lighter color first) and soon you will see the image begin to take shape.

Storing your chalks is important, it is recommended that you store chalks in a box with a lid and keep them as flat as possible, excessive banging and knocking of the box will cause the chalks to break up and worse of all mix together rendering them useless.

Chalks are extremely easy to get hold of, you can find them in most craft stores and they can also be obtained via the internet so keep your eyes open for a bargain!.

If you have never used chalks before it is well worth giving it a go, they are a great embellishing tool that will allow you to create works of art in seconds. They are inexpensive and a great way to create depth to any card making ideas.

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