Used Cars See Demand in Slumping Economy

by Joe Kent

Consumers are looking for bargains everywhere these days, and luckily there are plenty available. In many cases, used cars are increasingly the target of cost-conscious car buyers. After all, used cars have low sticker prices, and late model pre-owned vehicles are more reliable than ever before. But with used cars in high demand, and new car incentives abound, new cars may actually be a cheaper alternative.

Due to basic factors of supply and demand, and the poor economy, demand for new cars is down while more buyers are demanding used cars among Chicago used cars dealers and other pre-owned dealerships. While it seems logical that a used car is universally cheaper, reduced prices, attractive rebates, and enticing financing incentives are also contributing to lower new car prices. Many automakers are also providing low- or zero-percent loans, which Richmond Used Cars admits can make financing a new car cost less than pre-owned vehicles.

All automakers are hoping that incentives will boost demand for new cars yet again. With consumers steering clear of showrooms, many dealers such as Philadelphia used car dealers are eager to maintain momentum and move new inventory off their lots. These incentives are designed to aid dealers in achieving this.

With the credit crunch in full swing, buying a new car can still be problematic for many potential buyers. Leasing has always been a solution for buyers who still can’t afford payments of a new car. Unfortunately, Los Angeles used cars retailers say that finance companies are increasingly reluctant towards leasing since they’ve become incredibly unprofitable. Additionally, one used car dealer San Diego warns that the attractive zero-percent financing offers are only available to those who have excellent credit.

While challenges remain for many car buyers, there are still amazing opportunities available. Used cars don’t retain as much value as purchasing a new carFree Web Content, and will be a huge consideration as consumers are looking for value at every turn.

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Joe Kent is a writer for TK Carsites, an automotive website design and marketing firm in Orange, CA, that specializes in working with car dealers nationwide.

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