Unique Wedding Favors – The Capstone Of A Beautiful Reception Table

By: Allen Walters

Themed weddings have become the norm; beach weddings, fairy tale, Cinderella, heart themes, wine themes, black tie and the list goes on forever. And there seems to be unspoken rules that people have to follow; or do they? Does that mean that there are rules even for wedding favors?

When people say to me that you can do this or you can’t do that when it comes to getting that little thank you gift for your guests, I tell them that it’s their wedding and they can do whatever they please. It is your day; the bride and groom should be happy with every moment, even when it has to do with their favors. Yes, there are traditions, but it seems that as time goes on, more couples are breaking with tradition and doing what they want to do in every area of their wedding planning.

Recently I attended a wedding which something very unusual was done. The couple’s theme was love and hearts. From the second you walked into the ceremony and right through to the dessert at the reception, you saw and heard that theme. But what was on the table was very different than I normally see.

Instead of one specific favor given to everyone, there was a beautifully decorated basket in the middle of the table dressed in ribbons and flowers. In the basket were beautifully wrapped, unique, different favors which every guest was allowed to take which one they preferred.

Within the basket were heart wine stoppers, love trivets, heart candles and many other unique designs. It felt so thoughtful to all the guests and they loved the way it looked on the table as well as how different it was to see all different ones but following the same theme.

We all realize that wedding planning can truly be a very stressful and harrowing experience. And to have to give so much thought to such a little item as your guest’s thank you gift is something that many couples don’t even want to think about. But as you can see in the previous example, some couples have learned that giving it some thought can actually make your guests feel very special as well as save a lot of money on wedding necessities such as centerpieces.

Above all, be careful that your favor doesn’t feel like an afterthought to your guests. Make sure it’s unique and special enough so they feel special and thanked for being part of your day. After all, in all the events that take place in our life, it is probably the most important day and every aspect of it has to be just perfect. Don’t forget that when you think about your wedding favors.

So, the moral of our story is; if you can’t decide which ones to choose, pick out many different ones keeping with the theme of your wedding. Let the guests choose. They will love how unique it is and the fact that you fact that you gave time to make them happy.


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