Toys for Teething Puppies

By: Jacob George

Puppies love to chew. Not only can puppies destroy furniture by chewing on the wood or fabric, they can chew on shoes or on their owners hands. To minimize the damage to your house, you should buy or make your puppy some chew toys.

When your puppy starts to chew on your hand or on the furniture, you should get a chew toy and offer it to the puppy. When she begins to chew on the toy, praise her. Eventually, she should learn to chew only on her toys. Some puppies develop a taste for furniture. If your puppy just loves to chew and destroy your things, you can purchase products to spray on the furniture which are harmless to your puppy but taste really bad. The taste should stop the chewing.

Some of the best chew toys are homemade. Ice cubes make great chew toys. Not only that, but they help to reduce teething pain. Old socks can be knotted and tied together to make great pull toys. If you visit the local butcher, you can get a nice sturdy knuckle bone for your puppy to chew on at an incredibly inexpensive price. Remove most of the meat and then boil the bone for half an hour. This makes the bone harder and also locks in the flavor. The bones can be messy, so be sure to allow your puppy to chew her bone on a surface that can be easily cleaned!

If you are going to purchase chew toys at the store, consider indestructible toys that are safe and long lasting. My puppies have always liked the pig hooves. Some preferred their hooves plain and others liked the flavored hooves. Flavored hooves can stain surfaces, so its best to give the chew toy to your puppy when she is outside or on an easily cleaned surface. You can also fill the hoof full of peanut butter and freeze it. This makes the toy last even longer!

Kong toys are also great for teething puppies. They are expensive toys, but they are well worth the price. You can fill the inside of the Kong with peanut butter and freeze the toy. This will keep your puppy amused for hours trying to get all the peanut butter out of the Kong. The cold surface of the frozen Kong will also help with tooth pain.

Remember to inspect the chew toys before you give them to your puppy. Toys which are ripped, shredded, or excessively chewed can present a choking hazard and should be discarded for safety reasons.
For more toy options, you can check out your local pet store or shop online. You will be amazed at all the chew toys that you can purchase!

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