The common queries of teens regarding sex

by Maverick Jones

Teens are mostly unaware of the consequences of an accidental pregnancy or getting infected with a hazardous sexually transmitted infection. Parents should try to impart knowledge regarding various contraceptive options such as contraceptive pills and condoms.

As puberty strikes young boys and girls, they start getting more curious to know about sex. There are various questions in their minds regarding the first time experience of sexual intercourse, practising safe sex and the outcome of a casual sex. The curiosity may lead them to having a casual sex frequently or have multiple sexual partners. There is a possibility that they might ignore the importance of practicing safe sex using a contraceptive method. Unprotected sex is considered risky as you not only increase the possibility of accidental pregnancy, but can also get affected with sexually transmitted infections (STIs). An STI is an infection which can be caught by having unprotected sex with an infected person. You can have all the information and STI treatment options at

It can be quite tricky to deal with a teenage sexual relationship. It is a fact that the majority of teens are not aware of various contraceptive options such as contraceptive pills, patches, vaginal ring and condoms. It is crucial for parents to encourage sex education amongst teens so that they do not feel hesitant. They should know the consequences of an unintended pregnancy or sexually transmitted infections. As a parent, you might not have control over the sexual decisions of your child, but imparting correct knowledge can definitely improve the quality of their sex life. You can talk to them about benefit and shortcomings of different contraceptive methods and the best form of contraception.

The sexual contact can be vaginal, oral and anal or even sharing of sex toys. There are also some infections which can transmit through skin-to-skin contact with an infected area, such as genital herpes or HPV. The medical professionals suggest that oral sex escalates the threat of an infection more quickly. STIs are generally viral or bacterial in nature. The bacterial infections can be treated with help of antibiotics, but viral infections are typically less easy to treat. An antibiotics like Metronidazole treats protozoan infections of every kind such as bacterial vaginosis (gardnerella vaginalis) and trichomonas vaginalis. It starts functioning by penetrating the bacterial cell and damaging its DNA so that its replication is prevented. You can either opt for a single high dose or a low dose treatment of 400mg strength, which should be taken two times daily for seven days.

The doctor would suggest that if you are taking the seven days course then do not cease the course when the symptoms start disappearing. You should follow the complete course for the complete removal of the infection. Sexually transmitted infections can also appear in the form of genital warts. It is triggered by a virus known as human papilloma virus (HPV). Condyline solution treats genital warts effectively in just a few weeks. It is made from the roots of the podophyllum plant and is applied directly to the genital warts. This solution creates a toxic environment for the bacterial cell due to which they are unable to grow and reproduce within the body. As a resultFind Article, they are easily killed off by the body’s immune system.

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Maverick Jones is a health adviser, who writes about different types of STIs. Here he attempts to cover some topics related to sex education for teenager. Following his posts will help you to know better about different prescription STI medications like Metronidazole, Condyline solution and others.

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