The Big Four O – 40th Birthday Party

By: Jeff Austin

The say the Big Four O usually means that someone is approaching their fortieth birthday. Now while birthdays are usually associated with childhood, having a 40 birthday can be an event of absolute fun and enjoyment. Before you actually invite your guests for the birthday bash you may want to have some 40th birthday ideas.

These ideas should of course include the various people that you want to see at your party. Make sure that you have a mixed bunch of people at the party so that everyone will have a variety of subjects to talk about. You will also need to see the different types of food that you are going to serve.

As your 40th birthday ideas can range from formal affairs to informal bashes you should plan the food so that it can be used in these different situations. For formal style birthdays your food menus can include appetizers like shrimp cocktails, salads, a variety of full course meals, different desserts like gateaux, caramel, crème brùlee and others.

The different beverages that you have the choice of serving should include a wide variety of alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks. If you are planning on serving alcoholic drinks you should try to keep the drinks at a safe level so that your guests can reach their respective homes in safety.

For an informal 40th birthday party the food can be tasty and filling finger foods. These many foods should be easily located on a buffet table where you guest can take as much as they want of a variety of foods, drinks, snack and desserts.

As with a formal style birthday party you will need to ensure that your guests don’t become dangerously drunk. Besides serving fantastic food there are many other 40th birthday ideas that you can look into.

One of the interesting ideas that you can incorporate for your birthday would be that of a costume party. This type of party will allow your guest to have fun and become someone else for the evening. The costume party itself could run along the lines of a certain theme.

Of course these 40th birthday ideas are just the tip of the iceberg. You can also plan on having your birthday at the beach. A swimming pool and barbecue is another great way to relax and enjoy a fun filled day with friends and family. For those of you who like the idea of dancing and fine dining you can plan your 40th birthday ideas around an evening at a restaurant.

With so many great things to do for your birthday you are sure to have an enjoyable time. As the evening passes you by, you will soon be wishing that you have some more great 40th birthday ideas to try out.

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