Kathy Barto – Crackerbarrel Corner’s eBook Reviewer
Have Fun With Children Anywhere and Anytime!

by Peter Atkinson


When you get WOW DAD! everybody benefits – you’re a happier, less stressed, more confident parent and your children have the thing they want most in life: time with you. (Despite what they might tell you about Yu-gi-oh cards, skateboards and Barbies, time with you is the most precious thing you can give them).

WOW DAD! gives you:

Fun things you can do ANYWHERE

Easy-to-do activities that require NO PREPARATION

Fun ways to teach and stimulate your child

Great conversation starters

176 Tips & Tricks

Get the WOW DAD! Book! This newest version of WOW DAD! contains 136 ways to be a great parent and is available exclusively online.

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