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Kathy Barto – Crackerbarrel Corner’s eBook Reviewer
Every child should have good self-esteem!

Low self-esteem has its origins when we are young, typically before the age of six. It begins with someone saying or doing something that causes a child to get the idea that he or she is unlovable, unworthy, imperfect, flawed, or defective in some significant way. Whether the child buys into an unkind word or deed, perhaps experiences a bullying episode or an abusive situation of some sort, or misinterprets what others said or did in such a way that has them feel less than, not good enough, unlovable, or like they don’t belong, this initial upset has children begin to believe there is something wrong with them.

NOT having sufficient levels of Self-Esteem, will impact a child’s relationships, communication, personal effectiveness and ability to reach their fullest potential. Scientific studies show over and over the relationship between not having sufficient self-esteem and threats like:

  • Being Insecure – creeping feelings of discomfort
  • Procrastination – putting things off until you are doomed to fail
  • Frustration – not getting the results you want, again and again
  • Worrying – visualizing and expecting negative, self-fulfilling results without reason
  • Anger – finding yourself in a state of upset all too frequently
  • Bullying – exerting domination over others in unhealthy ways in order to create a false impression of power and superiority
  • Depression – allowing yourself to be a victim, dominated by a mood of sadness often to avoid responsibility for making your life work optimally or to attract the pity of others
  • Fear – the third most prevalent emotional response often due to a perceived inability to impact one’s situation

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