Send Roses and Send a Message From Your Heart

By: Howard Brule

Did you know that each beautiful color a rose is available in has a special and unique meaning? That is why when you choose a rose bouquet to send to that special someone, you don’t just send flowers – you send a message. After you find out the symbolism of each color, you’ll see why it is easy to find florists across the US to help you choose and send just the right message.

Red roses – It will probably come as no surprise that red is used to symbolize romantic love. Because of their classic rich red color, red roses are the perfect way to say “I love you” to someone very special. The depth of the color reflects the depth of your feelings. Red roses are also associated with blood – thus symbolizing blood ties as between two people engaged to be married.

Yellow roses – Yellow roses, on the other hand are a thoughtful gift for a friend. The bright sunny colors of the flower petals is a symbol of the cheery and warm feelings you share with a trusted friend. Yellow is also a appropriate choice for most casual flower arrangement – for example, a friend’s special birthday arrangement or a get well soon arrangement.

Pink roses – A pink rose is in some ways like a red one. Like red roses pink ones also symbolize love. But they are most appropriate when a relationship has not deepened into true love. Symbolizing admiration, happiness, and affection, pink roses are ideal for almost any romantic situation.

White roses – Perhaps you are not aware white roses are appropriate both for funerals and weddings. This is because white is a symbol of a “blank slate” as well as innocence, purity, and newness.

The symbolism of rose colors stretches back to at least the Middle Ages. If you choose to send flowers to a special person, you will be taking part in a time honored tradition designed to send a message of admiration, love, or best wishes that can be appreciated by all.

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