Saving your relationship, after your ex has cheated

by Robert Wallace

When your ex has cheated on you is one of the most painful experience that could happen in your relationship. If you want to get back with your ex, but you think it is a hopeless relationship now. This article will help show you that any relationship can be saved.

Finding out that your ex was cheating on you can be one of the most painful situations you have ever dealt with in your relationship. A flood of emotions overcome you. You don’t want to lose your ex forever, but you don’t feel that there is any hope for the relationship after what has happened.

The pain, anger, and shock of your ex cheating on you seems unbearable, and there is no way you will tolerate ever going through that any more or ever again. It is for that very reason that becomes that base for saving the relationship if you do want to save it.

Over 500,000 couples break up every day over an endless number of reasons. And most of those couples never get back together, because one or both feel that there is no hope for the relationship to recover. So they end the relationship forever, rather they want to or not.

Here is a very profound statement, “Any relationship can be saved under any circumstance”. As outrageous as it sounds it is true. however it comes down to rather or not you, love your ex enough to save the relationship, you are willing to take the necessary steps to save the relationship. And most important than anything, find the problem that led to the break up.

You may be saying to yourself right now, “I know what led to the break up, my ex cheated on me, so I have that step covered”. After all that does sound logical enough, and it is a very justifiable reason to break up with your ex. But it is not that easy because your ex cheating on you is NOT what led to the break up.

Your ex cheating on you is a by-product of a problem in your relationship that has not been identified and eliminated.

In EVERY situation where a couple has ended a relationship without really wanting to, the relationship ended because a problem has not been identified and fixed. Once you have found what the problem is in your relationship, and you have fixed that problem, you also eliminate all the reasons that lead to a break up.

Think of your relationship as a fine tuned machine in the beginning. Just like any machine, it needs periodic maintenance to keep it running smooth. When you are maintaining a machine you avoid a potential problem down the road. But if you don’t maintain it and identify and fix problems, the machine will break, and usually what breaks is what is blamed for the machine to stop working. But if you fix what is broke without fixing what caused it to break, it will break again.

Your relationship is the same way, you have to go back in your mind and find what is wrong in your relationship that led to your ex cheating on you. When you have found it FIX it. When you have the real problem fixed, there is nothing to cause a major problem later. That is why any relationship can be saved, as long as you both want to save it.

You are still going to have to follow the steps I have been giving you in my articles to get your ex back. But once you have identified the real problemFeature Articles, everything else falls into place quite easily.

You are most likely never going to completely “get over” the fact that your ex cheated on you. But use that in a positive way. As a reminder of what can happen if you do not fix any problems you face before they become devastating.

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