Text That Girl

Kathy Barto – Crackerbarrel Corner’s eBook Reviewer
Com’on guys! Do You Need to improve your dating game?

Not only will I arm you with the texts you need to get her on the date, but when you employ some of the advance psychological principals I’m going to teach you, you’re going to OWN the game.

I’m talking about principals that will teach you…

how to build “unconscious” rapport so she feels like she’s talking to an old, trusted friend… that she can share anything with you. (this is the exact same principal used extensively by Russian Premier Vladimir Putin… you know – the guy who has an iron grip on Russia).

how to tap into a “social pattern” from her grade school days that all the popular boys would use to playfully tease her. The instant you send her this text, it will instantly trigger her sassy, playful side, and give her the same feeling as she had when she was chasing the “top dog” at the playground in 3rd grade.

how to zero in with laser precision on her tests (and trust me – she will test you if she likes you) and respond with a “Zen-like” cool that sends shudders of excitement through her body to know that she’s talking to a guy who “gets it”

Within just three or four text messages, she’ll be so engaged that you’ll instantly be the most interesting guy in her phone book.

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