How to Choose The Gender of Your Baby

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Would like the Opportunity to Select the Gender of Your Child? I know my Mother-In-Law would have!

By Ashley Spencer

Okay, let’s be honest. We, as parents, love our children whether they are male or female. That aside, some parents – if given a choice – would prefer to have their choice of sex for their child. Men generally want a son to carry on the family name. While women want that special little girl they can cuddle and play with.

Wanting to know how to choose the sex of your baby has become a very popular subject. Let me first say that while there are no guarantees there is a high possibility of accuracy in determining the gender of your baby. There are several steps to doing this.

You must test your body’s pH level as soon as possible to determine if your are in the “zone” to conceive the desired gender or not. Don’t worry this is an easy thing to do.

You see it has been proven time and times again with thousands of test couples that there are very specific and limited dates on which you can successfully conceive the gender of your choice. In each month there are 4 crucial dates in which women will conceive a baby girl. Conversely, there are 4 just as crucial dates on which a woman can conceive a baby boy.

Now this does not have anything to do with the well known doctor’s theory of timing between ovulation and intercourse. We are quite sure that you have heard of this theory and assure you this has nothing to do with. This method of determination is far more accurate and will let you know how to choose the sex of your baby.

All you have to do is have intercourse on the “crucial dates” each month (and these dates change month to month) and to protect yourselves from conception for the remaining days of the month until you finally are pregnant.

There are other considerations when trying to determine how to choose the sex of your baby. Like your diet. Certain foods play a part in choosing the gender of your baby. Not to worry though, no tofu for three straight meals or anything like that. A simple and easy to follow regime of specific foods is all you must do.

Now this method works for everyone. It doesn’t matter. Your partner’s age is irrelevant. The number of and the gender of the present children you have does not matter. It does not matter what medications you are taking or what race or nationality you are.

This system works. It has been proven time and time again. You owe it to yourself to go and check it out. The best thing is you get a money back guarantee and there are no time limits on the guarantee. Just try it and if it does not tell you how to choose the sex of your baby you can get a full money back guarantee. No questions asked.

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