Trick Photography & Special Effects

Kathy Barto – Crackerbarrel Corner’s eBook Reviewer
WOW!  I love what he is able to do with photos!

Trick Photography & Special Effects 2nd Edition

Your complete instructional guide on taking breathtaking special effects shots and cool images your friends won’t believe…

It comes with 295 pages of instruction, 9 hours of how-to video tutorials, and contains over 300 creative photographs created by some of the most talented photographic artists around the world.

It’s time for you to skip the months and years of being one of those enthusiast photographers – you know those poor guys who read all the magazines but doesn’t have enough time to invest in getting the skills he really wants…

… you’ll be skipping past that stage totally, and getting right to the point where you’re an accomplished photographer, taking pictures that blow everybody away.

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