How YOU Can Turn High Grass Into Cold Cash

Kathy Barto – Crackerbarrel Corner’s eBook Reviewer
Very well-written information for starting your own lawn care business

By Kevin Whiteside

This is a review of the Turn High Grass into Cold Cash guide on how to start the ultimate lawn business by Kevin Whiteside. The report starts off with the basics, some facts about the lawn care industry and information about business names, branding and licenses.

Whiteside then launches into a very comprehensive run down of all the equipment that you will need to run a professional operation and puts forward clear recommendations and extensive information about acquiring, using and maintaining the equipment. Finding this kind of specialist information would be tough without a guide like this and you will be surprised by how much you learn.

Next, Whiteside goes into detail about the work of a lawn care business operator and offers solid advice on getting the various tasks done efficiently.

His section on the marketing side of the business is great. He talks in depth about how to price or estimate a prospective customers lawn, how to up-sell them on additional services and how to create a relationship with them and close the deal. He also writes extensively about the advertising methods that work in lawn care, both conventional and his own unconventional ideas. With a BA in sales & marketing Kevin Whiteside obviously knows his stuff.

Other topics covered within the guide include customer services (the referrals side of the business), bidding on commercial accounts, hiring employees, financing, money management and lawn care business software.

The guide includes numerous checklists that you can use and an action plan at the end for getting started. The list of equipment manufacturers and other useful resources at the end of the report added value too.
And the bad points? Well there were none really except maybe that the guide is quite short with just 57 pages. Whiteside does make up for this though by getting straight to the point in well structured paragraphs with only a few pictures and diagrams where necessary.

Overall I would highly recommend that you read the book if you are serious about entering the lawn care business.

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