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Kathy Barto – Crackerbarrel Corner’s eBook Reviewer
Learn How To Deal Poker Like a Pro & Make Great Money!

Well trained poker dealers typically average 35+ hands per hour, and many poker dealing jobs are paid via tips, or tokes which are typically a dollar or two per hand. 35+ hands per hour times 1 or 2 dollars per hand on average… The hourly rate can easily reach $50+ per hour. Not bad for doing something you enjoy, wouldn’t you say?

Whether you want to deal for a casino, your neighborhood home game or anywhere in between, we created this poker dealer course for you. With this course you will learn the art of poker dealing from the comfort of your own home, and at your own pace.

What you will learn from Dealer Training, the Professional Poker Dealers Training Course:

  • How to shuffle the right way. The exact process for a true random shuffle.

  • How to sort side pots quickly and accurately. A fast and easy way to calculate multiple side pots even in confusing “all in “situations. 100% accurate process for easy calculation.

  • How to calculate and take a rake. An easy way to calculate the rake, how to do a rake count and examples of casino rake schedules.

  • How to pitch the cards. Fly them fast and accurate with the proper pitching technique.

  • Where to put the pot, the muck, the burn cards, the flop, turn and river. Where to put everything so it makes sense, and why casinos have decided to do it this way.

  • And so much more…It really is the tip of the iceberg.

Poker dealers “raking it in” dealing cards!

Casinos are not the only employers in need of dealers. Tournament directors and poker games need well trained poker dealers as well. Learn how to deal poker at a professional level and create opportunity for yourself to make significant amounts of money doing something you enjoy.

It takes work, practice, training and know-how to deal poker like the professional dealers you see dealing on the World Poker Tour in Las Vegas or Biloxi, or in the WSOP. The course provides the knowledge, know how, and information of professional poker dealing standards displayed with video examples just like your own poker dealing DVD’s that you can watch again and again.

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