Learn Unusual Indigestion Treatments To Relieve Digestive Discomforts!

By: Nishanth Reddy

In search for an indigestion treatment, lots of people come up with some usual indigestion treatment options. Indigestion is one of the most common ailments, which affects around 36% of all healthy Americans.

There are many treatment options for indigestion. Here are few treatments described for indigestion.

Baking Soda as Indigestion Treatment

Some people use baking soda as a home indigestion remedy. When you are using baking soda as indigestion treatment, take half-teaspoon of baking soda completely dissolved in water.

This medication is taken as often as every two hours or whenever you need it. A lot of people state that this is very efficient but medical practitioners say that baking soda has sodium in it which can cause fluid retention.

In other words, when you take baking soda as a form of medication for indigestion, you are exposing yourself to another form of health hazard.

Furthermore, the myth that you cannot take too much of baking soda and that you are in no danger for any overdose is definitely a misnomer. Don’t ever believe it.

Sodium content in baking soda makes the blood too alkaline if taken in high doses. Don’t drink too much of baking soda solution as it can become toxic in your blood.

Drink Ginger Ale as Indigestion Treatment

Another unusual indigestion treatment option which people take to relieve themselves of indigestion is to drink ginger ale to induce belching. Compared to pressing once stomach to induce belching, this one is a lot better.

The belching and burping thing usually come after drinking the ginger ale and it does not carry some undigested food with it. Many people said that it is a good indigestion cure that has no side effects.

Belching and Burping As Indigestion Treatment

Belching and burping relieves the pressure on the stomach, which is associated with indigestion. One of the usual options that people take in order to relieve indigestion is to find a way to facilitate burping or belching.

You can put hot compress and lie flat on your stomach to press the gas out. As a result you start burping and belching. Unfortunately, in some cases, vomiting may follow burping especially if you just had a full meal.

Pressing the stomach would tend to press the food inside and at some instances, food would finds its way back into the esophagus and is purged out of the mouth together with the belch.

Blowing Tobacco Smoke as Indigestion Treatment

Now, if you think the other three indigestion treatment options are rather unusual and kind of unorthodox, this one really tops it all. In some areas of the world, people would blow tobacco smoke into the stomach of the person who is suffering from indigestion.

According to them, evil spirits in the food you eat causes indigestion. The smoke from tobacco or cigarettes would purge out the evil spirit from the stomach and cure indigestion.

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