My Organic Food Garden

Kathy Barto – Crackerbarrel Corner’s eBook Reviewer
Bring on the rabbit food!

By Jeff Serland

This guide to organic gardening was created with 17 years of experience by it’s author. He has gone through all the mistakes and studied many techniques so you do not have to. This is a step by step guide for those new to organic gardening and for those new to gardening in general. It is in the form of a PDF, so you can instantly download after your purchase.

Organic gardening has a large list of benefits for your health & your food budget. The toxic pesticides used on non-organic fruits & vegetables that are sold in the market can build up in your system. This build up can lead to general health problems such as: low energy levels – slow metabolism – low sex drive – depression – little to no motivation.

When you grow your own food in your home garden, the food is free. You will have fresh, organic vegetables available to you without costing a cent. Using the methods provided in this ebook you can grow amazing, healthy food WITHOUT the chemicals!

Reasons to grow organic food in your own organic garden:

No harmful toxins and chemicals in the food your grow & eat.

This is the freshest food you will ever have!

It is great hobby and can be educational for you and your children.

The healthy food will boost your immune system and energy levels.

Growing your own food is also a fantastic money saver.

Organic vegetables are better for the environment because there will be no chemicals seeping into the soil.
Fast and easy! No need to drive to the shops. Just walk to your garden and you will have everything you need.

Some of the topics covered by My Organic Food Garden:

Getting started and preparing your soil – This is a very important and without this information your garden may never grow at all!

Using fertilizers – Learn what organic fertilizers you should use on your garden while keeping away from the chemicals.

Dangers – What to look out for and how to avoid them.

Kill or keep those annoying weeds? – Learn the truth here!

Raising your plants from seeds – There is much to learn.

+ Much more!

This is just a very brief overview of the book, there is many more informational treasures in this ebook.
Absolutely everything you need to know about organic gardening at home can be found in this guide. This ebook was created by it’s author – Jeff Serland – so that the absolute beginner can setup a professional quality garden without.

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