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By: Joe Diamon

All of us have heard about photo paper, but very few of us are really aware about what is a photo paper? A photo paper is actually a form of ink jet paper that is specially designed for photo printing. Photo papers can be divided into several categories, the most common of which is the glossy finish photo paper. Photo papers usually differ in thickness and brightness depending upon its usage. Since these papers are designed for the purpose of photographic reproduction, you need to make a wise choice as per your requirement, while making a selection of the paper.

When you are thinking about buying any kind of photo paper you need to know about some basic things. These include the brightness, weight, finish and caliper of these papers. You need to learn how to choose the best paper as per requirement, before you decide on buying. Weight makes an important criteria for any paper. The different types of photo paper have different types of weight. The bond papers, that are quite popular with the common ink jet photo papers are usually found in the 24 to 71 lb range. However people prefer to use heavier paper to give a more corporate and urgent look to the paper. Brightness also forms an important criteria while you are deciding on photo paper. The whiteness of paper can be measured in a scale from 1 to 100 and the best of photo papers are usually thought to be of high 90s. So next time while choosing photo paper do not forget to compare the two papers side by side. This is the best way to know and measure the brightness of paper.

This thickness of photo papers that is well known as its caliper is quite important. Any user needs to know the caliper of the paper so as to judge its look. It is usually seen that an inkjet paper caliper ranges from a thin 4.3 mil to a thick 10.4 mil paper and if you are using photo paper, you will see that it is usually 7 to 10 mils.

Glossy photo paper is a common kind of paper that can be seen in many photos. The glossiness of these photo papers usually comes from the coating that is done on the paper. The coating gives a new look to the paper and usually it is seen that ink is not absorbed fast in these papers. This makes some glossy photo paper to dry slowly. Today the most common kind of glossy paper is the quick dry gloss finish paper. Other kind of glossy photo papers are the soft gloss or semi gloss paper. T-shirt transfer paper is also a common kind of paper that is available in several stores. Matte finish is also a popular kind of photo paper and used in many occasions. The images that are printed on photo matte papers have a distinct look. Most of these papers are usually soft and non-reflective and in no way do they appear shiny. This is the specialty of these papers. These papers are specially developed and formulated for the purpose of photography and are usually printable on both their sides.

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