How To Choose The Right Golf Equipment For You


Choosing the right golf equipment is very important and it is not just about how much you spend on it that counts. There is a huge array of golf equipment available to day, both on- and offline so it can be quite confusing when you are just starting out.

The first golf equipment to consider is what type of clubs you should get. These have to be suitable for your height, weight and the type of game you play. Most people use standard length clubs which are fine for men between 5 feet 2 inches and 5 feet 10 inches in height and for women between five feet and five feet 5 inches. If you are outside these ranges though you may need to get special custom made ones.

The clubs must also have the correct thickness of grip. When holding the club, the fingers of your left hand should just touch the pad of your left thumb and not dig in to it, although tape wrapped around the grip can help if you need to make a minor adjustment.

When it comes to putters you will probably want to opt for a centre shaft or heel-to-toe weighted putter as these types have a larger sweet spot than the mallet putters or the old blade ones.

Clothing should be smart but comfortable enabling you to swing the club freely. Generally, trainers, jeans, short shorts and collarless or sleeveless shirts are frowned upon but dress code varies from club to club. As you will be out on the course for several hours it is a good idea to be prepared for any sudden changes in the weather. Depending on where in the world you are playing, it is probably advisable to carry waterproofs in your bag. Hats, caps and sunglasses are other things you should consider too.

A good pair of shoes is also an essential piece of golf equipment. Most players opt for a leather shoe, which allows the foot to breath, combined with a rubber sole containing either spikes or pimples.

When it comes to your hands most players wear a left hand glove to maintain a constant grip. These gloves can be either leather or synthetic and should fit tighter than a normal glove. Another useful piece of golf equipment if you are playing in cold weather it is a good idea to use a large pair of mittens that you can slip on between shots as it is very difficult to grip the club properly if your hands get too cold.

Finally, you will need something to carry all this new golf equipment in. Golf bags come in a huge array of shapes and sizes from drainpipe bags that only carry 6 or 7 clubs, which are good for when you are practicing, to an all in one bag/trolley which can be useful when traveling. If you are going to be carrying your bag then make sure it is not to heavy and that it has a strong strap.

Now you have all the essential golf equipment you need so all you need to do now is get out there and start playing. Good luck!

About the Author
Lisa Davies is a freelance writer.

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