Hilarious Drinking Games

By: MS HUtchins


First and foremost, let me say that drinking games are a blast! Many people avoid playing them correctly, or make up their own rules. Avoid doing that!! When played correctly, the object is not always getting drunk. Often, drinking games can require skill and teamwork. This article will focus on a couple of popular drinking games, with an emphasis on playing them correctly.

The first drinking game we will feature is Beer Pong. Beer Pong is played at virtually every college bar/frat party in the U.S. You will start by placing 10 cups in the shape of a pyramid at one end of a table or flat surface. Have the top of the pyramid pointing toward the middle of the table. Fill each cup 1/2 full with beer. You will need a cup at each end filled with water. You will use these cups to clean the balls.

Form teams of two people each. Go ahead and flip a coin to determine which team plays first. Give each team two ping pong balls. Take turns attempting to either gently toss or bounce the ping pong balls into the opposing team’s cups. When bouncing the balls, make sure they bounce on the opposing team’s half of the table. The defensive team removes the balls that enter their cups, and drink the contents. The team tossing the balls is the offensive team, while the other team is the defensive team. As cups are removed, try to arrange the remaining cups into another pyramid. If both offensive players hit cups, they get to go again. The game ends when all of one team’s cups are gone, they are the losers. They are required to drink all the contents of the remaining cups.

Drinking games that require skill are great fun! Caps is a good example of such a game. Caps is another popular drinking game with the college crowd. Form teams of 2 players each, sitting approximately 10 feet from each other, facing each other. Place a 1/2 filled cup of beer in front of each person. Take turns attempting to toss bottle caps into the opposing player’s cup. When an opposing player hits your cup, you must drink the beer. If the opposing player hits your cup, you have the right to make a return throw. If you are successful, they must drink the beer. However, they have the opportunity to return as well. One point is earned for each successful throw. Most games of Caps are played until a team reaches 21, but that is up to you.

Drinking games can really add to the life of the party! Please play them with common sense. Avoid finding yourself in a position where you have to drink and drive, or you are “forced” to get drunk. The purpose should be to have fun, and nothing else. Cheers!


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