Help! I Need Cheap Auto Insurance

By: shay

Car insurances may vary across states, likewise, they also vary across insurance companies. Insurance agents are not even required by law to present to you those discounts that might be applicable to your insurance. Therefore, it is very important to first determine the things you need to know before getting yourself a car insurance.

Have a single insurance company

If you own more than one car, register them under one insurance company. Most insurers can give you a multi-car discount if you have all your cars insured under a single insurance company. They can even offer you more discounts if you will also avail of their other insurances such as home or health insurance.

Increase your deductibles

The fastest way to have a cheaper car insurance rate is to increase your deductible. Increasing your deductibles can lower down your insurance premium by as much as 15 to 20 percent. You may also opt to pay your total amount of your premium on the spot. By paying the whole amount you can do away with the interest charges that will cost you if you will have your premiums by installment. The canceled interest charges would already be your savings. Some companies would even give you discounts when you pay your total premium at once.

Consider your car’s record

Your car model can also have an impact to your insurance premium even if you have maintained a clean driving record. There are some models which are now too costly to repair while other models are prone to theft. Check the record of your car if it belongs to those that are often stolen. In addition to this, you may also improve your car’s security. Install some security device in your car such as a security alarm, immobilizer or a tracking device. Having these devices may even qualify you for some discounts from your insurers.

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