Freedom From Dental Disease’ Pack

Kathy Barto – Crackerbarrel Corner’s eBook Reviewer
Our smile is one of the first things that people notice; take care of it!

OraMedia offers you a FRESH APPROACH to achieving a disease-free mouth… where teeth and gums stay healthy for a lifetime. The approach starts with knowledge from a book published in 1819. The author and practicing dentist named Dr. Levy Parmley gives an in-depth explanation of: ‘The Cause and Cure of Cavities and Gum Problems.’

Repair work such as scaling, pulling teeth, drilling, filling, root canals, etc. only fix the symptoms of bad teeth and weakening gums. As humans, we come into contact with and are susceptible to hundreds of strains of oral bacteria at any given time. Many are harmful to our oral environment and don’t just ‘go away’ after your dental visit… the disease process goes on and on unless you absolutely do something to change it.

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