Healing Relationship Wounds – Should You Even Try To Save Your Relationship?

by W. Scott

The pain is all you can think about. Maybe you realize that your relationship has been in decline for some time, or maybe your partner just really blew it and hurt you deeply. Healing relationship wounds can be done with a little help. Find out how you can start healing and decide if you want to save your relationship.

Healing relationship wounds is one of the more difficult tasks you will face in life. This is something you may have to be willing to expend some serious effort on. Additionally, if you are considering trying to save your relationship, then you are probably going to want some help.

The first thing you want to do is to make sure that you are physically alright. Emotional hurts are serious and will take some time to heal, but if there was any physical abuse then I suggest you make a break and protect yourself from any further harm.

How you go about healing relationship wounds depends in part on what happened to cause the situation you are in now. Maybe it was a single instance of infidelity by your partner, but often times it was a build up of many little things over time; and then one day another straw breaks the camels back.

Analyzing what happened can be a lengthy process because you need to reach behind your current pain and emotion to objectively determine what was going on. I do not want you to go through a long exercise of finding fault and assigning blame, but you do need to figure out what part you played in the tearing down of the relationship.

This part can be very hard on some people. No one wants to think they were responsible for any wrongdoing, it is so much easier to point to someone else. But to save your relationship or even recover from the hurt you are currently experiencing it will take honesty and not sugar coating.

You have to take responsibility for your own actions and even words. In fact words can be the most devastating in a relationship and the hardest wounds to heal. It is like they say, words can cut deeper than any knife.

Only after an honest assessment of what went wrong in the relationship can you really get down to the business of healing the wounds and making the decision of whether you want to try to save your relationship or just move on.

If you do decide to repair the relationship, only do so after you are fully committed to doing what it takes on your part. You cannot ask some else to commit to the work and pain of healing a relationship that you are not willing to commit to.

Once you are both in agreement that what you have together is worth saving then you can start taking those steps one by one. You are not trying to put things back the way they were, you are trying to make them better. So do not compare your progress with the way it used to be, but instead against the goals you set for the way you want it to be.

The scars of these relationship wounds may be around for a long time or even forever; that does not mean you both cannot forgive and move forward into a healthy relationship that is better than ever before. They just become part of your past; do not dwell on them.

Healing relationship wounds is a necessary part of trying to save your relationship or moving on with someone else. Do not expect to do it all on your ownFree Reprint Articles, seek help when you need it.

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