Free Criminal Background Checks For Employment – How To Do Them

by Jay Clayton

Before hiring, an entrepreneur should conduct free background checks for employment on their prospective employee. Discover some insider tips for doing these investigations and learn where to get started for fast results.

Are you aware the simple process of running free criminal background checks for employment could save your company valuable time, money and other resources? The truth is that conducting free or reduced cost criminal research on potential workers is the key to running a rewarding and trouble-free company. Over the next few minutes we are going to talk about the way to run free criminal background investigations, as well as some hiring issues you may run into on the way.

Why free criminal background checks for employment are a good idea…

These in-depth searches will separate good candidates from great candidates very fast. For instance, if you have two candidates with equal ability and references, conducting one of these searches will exhibit any criminal activity. Even if the activity was minor or was a long time ago, it may be the deciding vote when selecting between two equal candidates.

Here are two free criminal background check for employment resources you may use right now…

You can complete very in depth free research by utilizing the Net. The internet enables you to search public property records, public criminal records, sex offender databases, driving records, credit info, news reports, social media profiles, and more. With that having been said, here are 2 good places to start conducting your research.

Free Criminal Background Checks For Employment Resource #1 – Social Media Websites

With the upward thrust of social media in the last 3 to five years, looking for profiles of your potential job candidates is a good way to kick-start the free criminal background probe process. The comments, photographs and profile information on these internet site alone will help you find out more about the personality and conduct of a person .

Free Criminal Background Checks For Employment Resource #2 – State Databases

Using state databases is another great way to do free criminal background checks for employment. The best databases include the national Sex offender registry and the Inmate Search at the federal Bureau of jails. You may also access your State and County Dept of Corrections Offender Search Database for any probable matches.

Some Problems you will run into…

The biggest challenge of running these inquiries yourself is it takes time. As an example, if a job applicant truly does have a criminal conviction, statistically it is probably a misdemeanor and not a transgression. This means that it won’t appear on a countrywide database but will appear in the County that the misdemeanor took place in.

Knowing this, you will need to research each county someone lived and worked in for the previous seven to 10 years. In addition, there’s quite likely a little fee of a couple of dollars to drag the final report in each one of these counties.

Last thoughts…

While you can get a glance into potential employee’s lives conducting your own free criminal background checks for employment, it’ll eat up your time and still leave you with lots of questions. A better option is by utilising a criminal background investigation service which will do all the examining for you and deliver the results in an easily read report. While you might have to spend a couple of bucksFeature Articles, you and your company will be better off in the final analysis.

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