Guilt-Free Desserts™

Kathy Barto – Crackerbarrel Corner’s eBook Reviewer
This one is for me and my family

Guilt-Free Desserts™:
Your Guide to Better Baking
Featuring 50 All-Natural, Fail-Proof, Gluten Free & Low-Glycemic Desserts!

Guilt-Free Desserts is a Lot More than a Recipe Book!  Not only will you have 50 new dessert recipes, you’ll also have all the information you need to makeover your favorite family desserts… with just a few simple substitutions.

Guilt-Free Desserts includes everything you need to know about the latest baking ingredients and how to use these inexpensive and readily-available products in your own kitchen.  And the substitutes we’re talking about are not fake, rearranged molecules.

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