Fire Damage – When Lightening Or Electrical Fires Strike Your Home

By: Aydan Corkern

When you buy or rent a home, you should check the electrical outlets, light switches, light sockets, and fuse or breaker box. If any of these things have defects or have been damaged, they can become too hot or short out and could start a fire, even in the walls where you might not notice it right away. A fire in a wall can have lines of burn marks along the walls wherever the wire goes and the fire can travel to appliances or other electrical items that are plugged in as well. It can cause appliances to go haywire and burn out themselves.

Make sure the wiring is all up to date and has been checked out recently and if it has not been, then you will need to have it done before you move in. When you buy a home, normally the wiring in a home will be checked during the home inspection before you sign any papers, but when you rent a home, it might not have been checked for quite some time. You need to have insurance on your house for these kind of fires and if you are a renter, you need to have rental insurance to replace your belongings in the rental space.

Electrical fires are very dangerous and people lose their homes to them every year somewhere. The fire can spread quickly through the wiring sometimes. Electrical fires do not even always have to start inside the home. Many times an outside electrical connection can short out and start a fire or lightening can strike your home and start a fire that way. This is one reason that it is good to never be on a land line telephone when it is lightening outside, it is dangerous and lightening can run through those wires too.

Unless you have your electrical items plugged into a surge protector, it is a good idea to unplug television sets, stereos, and cordless phones, just to name a few things, when there is a lot of lightening. Your insurance will likely cover anything in the home that is damaged or destroyed by faulty electrical wiring or lightening strikes. It never hurts to update your insurance occasionally to make sure you have enough coverage in case you were to many things damaged in any fire from the flames or the smoke damage. Smoke alone can cause a lot of damage even when the fire is a small one.

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