How to Legally SAVE THOUSANDS on Your Divorce

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How To Save A Lot Of Time And Money On Divorce And Alleviate Your Frustration And Heartache!

By Michael

If you want to save time, money and the effort that is involved in getting a divorce quickly and as painlessly as possible, then please keep reading. This may be the most important article you have ever read about divorce matters! Why do we say this? Because we know that you want to alleviate the stress of filing for a divorce, and we have the solution you’ve been looking for!

Divorces can be very expensive. There are ways to make it less expensive, this takes a little research and work from you but in the end you will save thousands of dollars in attorney’s fees.

Chances are, no one knows your personal business or that of your spouse better than you do. Chances are you can at least develop the questions, if not find all the answers.

You will be able to save yourself thousands of dollars in attorney’s fees by preparing your motions yourself or by helping your attorney prepare your motions. Remember, the more work you do, the less you have to pay your attorney. Most legal forms can be obtained online and include do it yourself instructions.

Current divorce attorney rates range from $220 to $550 an hour, and depending on your location it is not unusual for attorneys to charge more than $550 especially for a large metropolitan area. You pay for the expertise, but sometimes you wind up paying the same rate for things they pass off to their Legal Assistants or Paralegals. You have the information, and as you go forward you’ll have a better idea of what you want the law to do.

If you do the research, write the motion, and then give it to your attorney to review and edit, you’ll save money and time. If there are no special circumstances and both parties of the divorce agree, it can be easily done by ordering Legal forms for your particular state, filling in the necessary information and taking it to the Clerk of Court to file. Usually, a Hearing will be set within thirty days, the Judge signs the Final Decree and you are legally divorced.

Some attorneys, as a matter of professional pride, professional paycheck or both, will not necessarily appreciate you taking it upon yourself to write the motions. Remember to consult with your attorney before deciding that it will be done this way. However, if you do it this way, after your divorce is final, if your ex falls behind on support payments, or you need to modify support or visitation, you will be able to write a motion on your own and not have to pay your attorney.

Of course, in contested divorces, it’s always best to hire an attorney but remember you can always be your own private investigator which is a lot cheaper than the investigator hired by the attorney. You can fill out Court financial forms and always speak to your attorney’s secretary instead of the attorney if at all possible. The Secretary bills at a different rate than attorneys.

By speaking with the secretary, you will be charged a lesser fee if a fee at all and most of the time the secretary can answer your questions better than the attorney. Usually, if she does not have the answer for you, she can get an answer and get back with you. Most clients do not realize that they are billed for every conversation with the attorney. So, if you want to know the answer to a simple question, simply speak with the secretary.

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