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Have Fun With Children Anywhere and Anytime!

by Peter Atkinson

Kathy Barto - Crackerbarrel Corner's eBook Reviewer


When you get WOW DAD! everybody benefits - you're a happier, less stressed, more confident parent and your children have the thing they want most in life: time with you. (Despite what they might tell you about Yu-gi-oh cards, skateboards and Barbies, time with you is the most precious thing you can give them).

WOW DAD! gives you:

Fun things you can do ANYWHERE

Easy-to-do activities that require NO PREPARATION

Fun ways to teach and stimulate your child

Great conversation starters

176 Tips & Tricks

Get the WOW DAD! Book! This newest version of WOW DAD! contains 136 ways to be a great parent and is available exclusively online.


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The Hobbs Floating Duck House

The Hobbs incorporates the beauty of cedar planking, with the ‘floatability’ of the duck canopy. Free-floating duck housing has the advantage over ‘bank fixed’ nests in that it keeps the nest mid water, deterring the fox and other threats to the nesting duck.

The Hobbs Duck Nesting House provides one nesting bay and has a easy cleaning method in that the float has a ‘fixing free’ location for the house, to clean the nest you simply unhook and lift off the canopy... READ MORE 

Hobbs Floating Duck House
The Hobbs Floating Duck House

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