Baby Scrapbook Theme Albums From A to Z

by Michelle Cardello

Whether you are a novice or expert or just need a new idea, baby scrapbook theme albums are a creative way to treasure all your baby’s moments. Decorating around a theme such as an alphabet, counting or animals for a baby scrapbook is both creative and fun.

Alphabet Scrapbook Pages

Remembering the alphabet and using your baby’s photos can be fun and educational for the entire family. Try making an alphabet or ABC baby scrapbook. Attach a colorful letter to each page in baby’s scrapbook album, die cut words and photos to remember all of your baby’s special moments.

Here are a few suggestions to get you started:

AAnimals (photo from trip to zoo), aunts, apple Bbaby, bottle, bubbles, brothers, birthday, blanket, bibs, booties, books, blueCcake, candles, cousins, crawling, cradle, cereal, Christmas, cookie, car seatDdoll, dog, daddy, diapers, December, duckie, Dora the ExplorerEeating, ears, Easter, elbow, ElmoFFirst…, fingers, first foods, formula, feeding time, February, fourth of July, father, friend, funny, funny facesGGrandma, grandpa, gifts, guests, girls, gurgling, going (to…)HHair cut, hands, home, hospital, happy birthday, Halloween (1st)IIcing, ice cream, immunizations, in (the bathtub)JJuice, jello, January, jumping, June, July, jar food, jammiesKKids, kisses, Kodak moments, kitchen LLeaving (waving bye-bye), love, little (fingers and toes), lullabiesMMommy, me, my gifts, my …, “ma-ma”, mine!, march, may, music, milkNNose, nursery (rhymes), nursing, nana, November, numbers, naps, newbornOOne, onesies, osh kosh, October, “oh-oh”, orangePPresents, parents, party, peek-a-boo, photos, pictures, pink, patty cake, pj’s, pots and pansQQuiet, quilts, quality (time)RRattle, rolling over, rocking horse, reading, rocking chair, redSSisters, stories, song, sitting up, solid foods, sippy cup, swing, silly, smiles, September, St. Patrick’s Day, standing, snow, spring, summer, Sponge BobTTop, teeth, toys, Teletubbies, tears, toes, t-shirt, teddy bear, tummy, thanksgiving, tickles, twins, triplets, UUncles, unhappy, underwear, underVVideo, visits, Valentine’s Day, veggies, violet, WWash, weight, wagon, walk, wave, winter, white, waterXXylophone, x-ray YYummy food, yams, yogurt, yawn, yeah, yard, year, young, yellowZZoo, zzz, zippers

I Can Count 1, 2, 3

Cherish all the first, second and third moments of your baby’s life with baby scrapbook pages. From the first smile to the first haircut, you will want to treasure these photos with their own baby page. Make a counting baby scrapbook by including pictures of similar photos. Try using one baby, two babies, three girls or boys, four smiles and so forth. Embellish pages with baby stickers, die cutouts and bright, colorful numbers. Add pages and pictures throughout baby’s first year. Baby scrapbook theme albums can be used not only to preserve special moments, but also to learn numbers and counting.

Animals, Animals Everywhere

Does your family have a pet? How many stuffed animals are in your baby’s room or toy room? How many times has your family visited the zoo? Savor all these animal memories by creating an animal and baby scrapbook album. Use traditional film or a digital camera, take photos of your baby with his favorite teddy bear, playing with your cat, dog or other pet, sleeping in his crib with stuffed animals and photos from your trips to the zoo. Decorate with animal stickers, appliqués and animal theme pages to create a special animal and baby scrapbook theme.

All About…Me!

If you have the exquisite blessing of having twins or triplets, you will realize that each child is unique. Each baby should have its own baby scrapbook album. Create pages that set each baby apart from his sibling. Make two or three pages with similar themes for each baby scrapbook, which highlight each baby’s “firsts”, holidays, smiles, giggles, and baby’s favorite toy. When your baby becomes a toddler then a teenFree Web Content, he will appreciate his own baby scrapbook

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Michele Cardello, marketing director for Life Imprints, a scrapbook company, finds creative ways to preserve a lifetime of memories through scrapbooking.

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