All you need to know about employment applications and how to write a cover letter

by vikram kumar

When globalization and the internet revolution set in at the beginning of the twentieth century, a need was felt to make the employment process formal with a number of detailed procedure to make the employee selection process to be simple and efficient

Be it getting into college or requesting for a telephone connection, formal applications have become a mandatory aspect of our lives, which we might scoff at but can’t ignore. It was only but natural that an employment application would be necessary if you want to mark your own niche in the professional world at all. Since rarely do people know how to write a cover letter, we decided to give you a brief idea in this article.

Due to the economic depression and the consequent recession of the past few years, the employment sector has taken a major hit. The present generation of twenty year olds have no clue as to how to go through the initial job screening process and have to resort to dubious websites for their quota of employment facts and knowledge. However, if there is something that can ensure a direct link between you and the employer, it is the employment application.

If you are willing to work part time, an application might suffice while in the case of more serious job offers, attaching your resume along with your application might also prove to be helpful. The applications unlike the resumes don’t reveal any discriminatory information about you so that the employee won’t have any legal grounds to be able to succumb to bias while judging your merit with an impartial mindset.

An employment application would always be preferred by an employer as resumes are notorious for articulately concealing the important facets of the writer’s prior professional career while the application process is transparent. Since the format for all prospective employees would be the same, you can be sure that your acumen rather than your ability to twist words in your favor would be rewarded. However, be careful that everything that you put in would be subjected to stringent verification procedures hence deceitful and duplicitous might not be a wise choice on your part.

Writing a cover letter is quite easy once you master the art of being elaborative of your skill set in a concise manner and are acquainted with the basic format. However, since this will be your first communication with your future employer, albeit in the written form, first impressions would often prove to be the last. Hence, the knowledge of how to write a cover letter is of utmost importance.

Dedicate yourself to the analysis of what the employer requires and try to appeal to his interests while describing your job experiences so far. Don’t go on rambling but limit yourself to stressing your extracurricular capabilities in a mature tone. Passive voice and a lack of professionalism in style are rarely entertained. Begin in an unconventional manner and try to capture the reader’s attention throughout the letter. Your cover letter should consist of three paragraphs at the most with the first establishing your objective, the second describing why you are suited for the job requirements set forward by the employer and finally request an interview after attaching an audition tape, a writing sampleBusiness Management Articles, a dossier or portfolio.

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Many students seeking for jobs after school make the fatal mistake of stressing on the interview. But the preparation goes to naught when the fails to make the cut. In such instances, if you know is it is meant to be written, you can be sure of being set apart from the ordinary mass of job hungry citizens and in turn secure the job opportunities of the highest tier.

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