3 Kinds of Party Banners

by Gail Leino

Party banners come in all shapes and sizes for all kinds of parties, be they birthday, anniversary, Halloween, or St. Patty’s Day and more. The average party banner comes in one of three ways. There are your homemade party banners, your pre-made purchased party banners and your customized party banners.

Homemade banners are a great way to add that personal touch to your party and it can be a great activity for the kids. You can make a good party banner using tractor feed paper for office printers. It comes in rolls or connected perforated sheets. You can usually pick up a package at a nearby office supply store. Give the kids paint, marker, crayons, etc and let them write the words on the banner in big letters. Then they can decorate it with glitters and stickers.

Pre-made party banners can be picked up at your nearby party supply store or purchased online and are slick and professional looking. They only contain generic phrases on them, such as Happy Birthday, or Happy New Year’s and you’d be lucky to find one with your name on it, especially if you have an unusual name.

A customized banner can also be purchased at a store or online. You can specially design and order a banner for your party with specifics such as names, dates, or just for an unusual celebration like a half birthday. They can cost more for the professional yet personalized look, but you may be able to get a good deal online.

As said any of the three different kinds of party banners are a nice accent to your party. It’s good if you have the budget for a slick banner, but a homemade party banner shows just as much care and devotion.

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Gail Leino is known throughout the web world as Mrs. Party. She has become the internet’s leading authority on selecting the best possible party supplies with clever themes. Her simple party planning approach demonstrates how to use proper manners while teaching etiquette with organizational skills. She shares lots of interesting fun facts. Party Banners has a huge selections of vinyl banners that can be personalized to your event.

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